Friday, February 17, 2012

Run broken inheritance reports

As a site collection administrator, you can generate reports to see if there are any objects such as sites, lists, libraries, list items, or files in libraries that break inheritance from a parent within a site collection. These reports contain information such as the SharePoint groups, users and groups, and permission levels associated to the object, and the permissions associated to each permission level. The report output is XML, but you can easily open the reports in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to view them.

 Note    To use this feature, the server administrator must first install the SharePoint Administrator Toolkit. Find links to download the Toolkit in the See Also section.

Run a report

  1. Browse to the site that you are interested in.
  2. On the Site Actions menu, point to Site Settings.
  3. On the Site Settings page, under Users and Permissions, click Broken Inheritance Jobs.
  4. In the Manage Broken Inheritance Report Jobs page, click Create.
  5. In the Generate Permission Report page, do the following:
    1. In the Scope box, click Browse, and then select the list or site for which you want to create a report.
    2. In the Report Location box, click Browse, and then select the appropriate location.
       Note   You can store reports only in a document library such as Shared Documents.
    3. Optionally, select the check boxes next to Expand SharePoint groups membership or Expand roles right.
       Note    Selecting these options creates reports named GrpMembership.xml and Rights.xml. Choose these options if you want extra details in your report such as membership information for site users and permissions associated to permission levels for each site that breaks inheritance with its parent.
  6. Click OK.
The report status changes from Scheduled to Completed. For the latest report status, select the check box next to a report and then click Refresh. When the Status changes to Completed, click the link in the Report Location column to go to the location where your reports are created..
The report output will always include one default XML file—Permissions.xml—and two additional files—GrpMembership.xml, and Rights.xml—if you have selected the appropriate options to create the reports.
 Note    The total file size limit to hold the reports is 30 MB. If the file size exceeds 30 MB, a series of recursive reports are created with names such as report1.xml, report2.xml, report3.xml, and so on. You can then open each report in Excel 2007, copy and paste columns to a single spreadsheet, and then view the report information


This file lists all objects—sites, lists, list items, or files in libraries—that break inheritance from the parent. You can find specific information such as URLs, users and groups with access to the object, and the permissions that apply to the users and groups.
  • This report contains information only if there are any sites or lists that break inheritance from the parent.
  • Lists that hold more than 5,000 items will not be included in the report. You can include lists with more than 5,000 items in your report, but to be able to do so, your server administrator should first unlock the lists in the farm. For more assistance, contact your server administrator.